A story of beauty and confidence

About us 

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Belle Et Confiante is a fantastic Australian brand that offers organic cruelty free skin care  and hair care products. Made from natural ingredients that are 100% Vegan, Belle Et Confiante skin care products do not contain artificial ingredients. All products are free of Parabens and SLS. 

What Inspired Us

Social media has greatly affected the way that we perceive ourselves.  Especially with  the introduction of filters combined with plastic surgery transformations and hashtag #influencers). According to a review done by Mccrae, Gettings and Pursell, (2017) the age at which young ones are getting diagnosed with depression associated with social media use is alarming. Children and adults continue to face unrealistic expectations from social media and society at large often feeling “not pretty enough” as they are.


We were inspired to create Belle Et Confiante to remind young girls and boys as well as adults that despite living in a world full of judgement and a push for perfection, we are still beautiful as we are and we should embrace our uniqueness.


Take it back to 2007 when I (the founder) lived in Zambia, Southern Africa. There was a trend (which is worsening) for women and men of dark skin to chemically lightening their skin ( a.k.a bleaching) through the use of lotions. All because they didn’t feel as pretty/ handsome as the light skinned girl/boy who was depicted as better looking by social media and society at large. 

Unfortunately, bleaching the skin has many negative effects including: Exogenous Ochronosis (disorder causing blue-black pigmentation), risk of kidney failure.  reduced production of melanin increasing chances of sunburn and skin cancer. 


At Belle Et Confiante we say stuff fitting in!! We love to see your unique self, be confident in who you are, no matter your complexion, shape, social status or background!! That’s why our skincare range does not have skin whitening products and are suitable for all types of skin.


We value:

Inclusiveness, credibility, growth, accountability, professionalism and charity.


Our promise “Quality over everything!!”